Picture of the Week #7 – Original Kiss album photo

The original photo had Carly wearing a red Coca-Cola t-shirt. The shirt’s lettering was edited out for the album cover. Presumably, this was done for copyright reasons.

Carly would later go on to participate in an ad campaign with Coca-Cola which included the release of “Take a Picture”:

My Favorite Album Podcast: #187 Emotion

I stumbled upon this great podcast made up of a “Dream Team” of CRJ fans. Highly recommended listening for every Jepsie out there:

Sit back and listen as we unwind the story of one of the most unexpectedly beloved records of recent years, why it didn’t achieve the mainstream success it deserved, the differences between CRJ and other more controversial pop stars, what’s behind the emotional relationship we all have with this album – and much more…


Carly at Dragonland Festival 2017

Here are some photos of Carly at Dragonland earlier today.

Some video footage from the event:

Carly: The Queen of Seoul

Despite being sick with bronchitis, Carly put on quite a show for all the Korean fans! This was her first time in Seoul and she was even gifted a plaque commemorating her album EMOTION going gold in Korea! Next stop, Hong Kong!

Here are some video clips from the concert: