Carly Touches Down In Japan

Carly arrived in Japan today and some fans were there to meet her at the airport. Check out their Twitter posts!

Also, see this article and Carly’s latest instagram post for a couple more photos.

Carly will be be promoting Emotion Side-B+, making some TV appearances including one on the Japanese TV show, Sukkiri, where she will be performing “Cut to the Feeling”. If you recall, she had performed “I Really Like You” on Sukkiri back in 2015 when she was promoting Emotion:

Listen to the Full Version of Runaways

The oft-forgotten Carly Rae Jepsen track, “Runaways’, from the Ballerina/Leap! soundtrack, has now been made available on the website of Andrew Hollander, a producers/writer on the song. You can stream it on his page or listen here:

It is unclear whether or not the song will be commercially released on iTunes, Spotify, or other digital outlets.

This Video Proves that Carly’s Batting Skills are Better Than Her Pitching…

From James Flannigan’s Instagram Story:

James Flannigan: “Yes!!”

Carly: “I want it to go straight”

James Flannigan: “EVERY hit Jeps!”

FYI, James Flannigan was one of the songwriters that was with Carly during her recent Nicaragua trip. He has written for acts such as Verite, Tigertown, and Dua Lipa.

For reference, here’s Carly throwing the first pitch at a Ray’s game back in 2013…

Carly in Paradise: Back to Nicaragua (Photos Updated)

Originally posted on August 26th:
A little bit of Instagram-snooping revealed that Carly is back at it again with another trip to Nicaragua at Madera’s Village resort. The area is retreat of sorts catered towards artists and creatives that want to relax, work, and play. Just like last year, there are a number of producers, writers, artists along for the trip which means there’s a chance that some of them might be collaborating with Carly.

Among those present are:

Instagram stories taken from Ashemusic and Asiapersuasia on Instagram

Photos taken from Carly’s Instagram and Facebook page

In addition to those returning, last years trip included: The Knocks, Phoebe Ryan, Matt Maeson, Kyle Shearer, Nate Campany, Nate Cypher, Tommy English, and Delacey.

Carly to Perform with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in November

Carly sure is keeping herself busy before the release of the new album! It was just announced that she will be performing with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra on November 21st. The event page indicates that she will be “performing her iconic hits with the ISO, plus intimate sets featuring guitar and string quartet”. It sounds like it could a repeat performance of the one she did with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra several months back. Tickets go on sale today, so get them soon to secure your seats!

The concert date happens to coincide with Carly’s birthday, which makes us wonder if there will be anything special planned (maybe a grand orchestral-style birthday sing-a-long?).

The announcement of this event gives hope of more orchestral performances from Carly in the near future, including the rumored Vancouver Sympthony Orchestra concert in January!

*UPDATE*  VSO replied to us via Twitter that there is no date with Carly planned for January, although there is implication that they were in talks with her camp to set it up:

Carly returns to Japan this Month to Promote Emotion Side-B+.. and Makeup Remover?

According to this article, Carly will be in Japan to promote the release of Emotion Side-B+, an EP that marks the first time that Side-B will be physically available in Japan and it also marks the first time that “Cut to the Feeling” will be available on CD.

The article also reveals (as I can best make out) that “Cut to the Feeling” has become the official song of Kao Biore Makeup Remover products. They recently released a commercial featuring “Cut to the Feeling”:

The article goes on to indicate that Carly will be there to promote for this company and speculated that there could be a performance as well, although there are no details at this time.

Leaked Carly Rae Jepsen track? “Now That I’ve Found You”

A SoundCloud user by the name of carlyjepsenslave recently uploaded a track titled “Now That I’ve Found You” which is purportedly leaked Carly Rae Jepsen track. Have a listen:

The track seems to have a disco-ey dance vibe that will sound very familiar to Kylie Minogue fans. Instrumentally, it sounds very similar in production to her 2007 track, “Wow”, which sampled from Madonna’s “Holiday”.

One interesting thing to note is that “Wow” was co-written and produced by Greg Kurstin who also co-wrote and produced Carly’s “Making the Most of the Night” and “Higher”.

We’ve also done a little digging through ASCAP and found a song entry with the same title registered under Kylie’s name. Could this be the same song?

The entry also shows that Universal Music holds a share of of the publishing rights. Universal is the parent company to Carly’s label, Interscope Records, so it’s possible that the song may have been passed around.