Witness: The Tour – Day 8 – Sacramento, California @ Golden 1 Center

Concert Date: February 1st, 2018

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Watch: Lorde & Jack Antonoff Perform “Run Away With Me” at the Ally Coalition Talent Show

Earlier in the week, Lorde performed “Run Away With Me” with piano accompaniment by Jack Antonoff:

Here is another look at the performance from a closer angle:

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In a rare online interaction between the two, Lorde even went on Twitter on to anoint Carly as the “Presiding Angel of Pop”:

While Lorde is not the first prominent musician to cover the song, she may be one of the first to cover it in front of a live audience.

Other past covers include this one by John Newman for BBC Radio 1:

This one by the band Crying for the A.V. Club:

And this little snippet from Tove Lo’s Instagram:

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Witness: The Tour – Day 7 – Las Vegas, Nevada @ T-Mobile Arena

Original Concert Date: 1/20/18

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Witness: The Tour – Day 6 – Glendale, Arizona @ Gila River Arena

Original Concert Date: 1/19/18

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The Weekly Interview: Carly Rae Jepsen

From LasVegasWeekly.com :

On opening for Katy Perry: I had no idea I’d get to do this, but I’m more than thrilled. I’ve known Katy throughout the years just casually here and there ,and she’s always been really warm and someone who as a performer is just a powerhouse and someone I look up to in a lot of ways. Her show is fantastic; it’s very Cirque du Soleil, and I find myself going out there every night to watch it even though I’ve seen it a couple times. It’s such eye candy.


On playing Las Vegas: This is a place for escape and celebration and party, and that energy is felt in the audience, too. When I’ve played there before, it feels like people show up ready to dance with you, and that’s the best feeling.


On indie music versus pop: I have no idea how we’ve been lucky to have a footing in both genres. I think pop itself has changed a lot, and there’s a lot less boundaries as to what it specifically has to be. I’m attracted to more indie-style production, but I really still love a great, strong pop top line. That was always a challenge for me, to find my flavor of pop that felt really authentic.

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Ariel Pink Details Working with Carly Rae Jepsen In New Interview

From Wearetheguard.com:

You co-wrote a song, “Trouble In The Streets,” for the band BC Unidos, a post-punk project of Patrick Berger, the producer behind Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own,” featuring Carly Rae Jepsen on vocals. First of all, how did that collaboration come about. Secondly, did you have any hand in writing the vocals?


That lyric and vocal, if my memory serves, was all Carly – I basically came to the sessions “blind”, at Patrick’s request- he played us a short loop/sample of a highlife recording and I quickly armed myself w/ an acoustic guitar, and went about writing chords around the loop. Patrick hopped on guitar and we bounced Ideas back and forth for a while. Little by little, we arrived at a chord structure that would constitute the verses, bridge, pre-chorus and chorus respectively, working out the transitions between them. Carly sat listening attentively the whole time, penning lyrics to the melody she had in her head- Patrick comped the loop and layered a simple 4/4 kick-snare-kick-snare drum groove over it for about five minutes- then we both took turns on acoustic guitar and I laid down a bassline and Op 1 flute on the bridge- then it was Carly’s turn to lay down vox – she cold nailed it! Voila – we had a song! -Ariel Pink

Watch: Carly Rae Jepsen’s Performance in San Antonio – 1/10/18

Witness: The Tour – Day 5 – Dallas, Texas @ American Airlines Center

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Witness: The Tour – Day 4 – North Little Rock, Arkansas @ Verizon Center

Concert date: January 12th, 2018

Photos by CarlyRaeJepsen, thatguywhokissedgaga, and timmytim15 on Instagram & Nelson Chenault for Verizon Center on Facebook.


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