Media: More Photos of Carly Rae Jepsen @ The Chop Shop

These photos are by Dan Garcia for You can read their concert write-up here.


More articles about the show:

Media: Carly Rae Jepsen at North Avenue Beach and The Chop Shop in Chicago

It was an amazing day for the 500 lucky fans who managed to RVSP and snatch up VIP tickets to watch Carly perform a full set at for M&M’s Spotlight at The Chop Shop.  They were the very first to hear her perform “Cut to the Feeling” live! Below are some of the best photos and videos I’ve been able to find on Instagram!
NOTE: All rights belong to their respective Instagram account owners . Their usernames are credited in the filenames.

Carly taking photos with fans who came to North Ave Beach to score free VIP tickets:


Performing at The Chop Shop:


Some short video clips throughout the day:

And finally not ONE, but TWO full videos of Carly performing “Cut to the Feeling” for which I am VERY grateful for!

Carly to do a Q&A On Facebook Live: Presented by M&M’s

*UPDATE* M&M’s Facebook page has confirmed to us that the Q&A Livestream will start at 6:15pm Central Time (4:15 PST / 7:15 ET).  So that you don’t forget, we recommend that all fans follow their Facebook page and set ‘Notifications’ to ON for ALL LIVE POSTS to be notified of the livestream through your app.

On July 11th, the date of her M&M’s Spotlight concert, Carly will be doing a Q&A on Facebook Live. Those of you that want to submit questions should be using #ASKCARLY on Twitter or comment on this Instagram post.  The time of the stream has yet to be announced, but it will most likely take place on M&M’s Facebook, so be sure to visit the page when it happens!

Carly Possibly Performing in January with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra?

It looks as though Carly may have inadvertently let some loose some information about a performance date in January with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!  This information comes from Thomas Dutton’s Instagram story which recorded Carly and Lonnie in mid-conversation. (Thomas and Lonnie are the musical duo that make up Cardiknox)

Here is the conversation which I’ve transcribed to the best of my ability:

Carly: “…out on Vancouver with the Vancouver symphony”
Lonnie: “aaarghOH MY… OKAY, we HAVE to go to that..”
Carly: “It’s in January”
Lonnie: “OK, we HAVE to go!”
Carly: “That would be amazing, we could time it and go to Taquina (sp?)
Lonnie: “Done!… Done and done! Like, i’m sorry.. It just seemed way too incredible; like I was dying that we weren’t there.. (Likely referencing Carly’s concert with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra)  

Here’s the video if you’d like to hear for yourself:

In addition, a couple weeks earlier, a fan asked Vancouver Symphony’sTwitter acount if they would please ask Carly to perform with them and they teased at possibly it happening:

What do you think? Are these details enough to confirm the event? Either way, I’m pretty optimistic about it!

Media: Carly Performs at Discotheque for Canada’s 150th Birthday

Carly performed “Run Away With Me” and “Call Me Maybe” in Montreal as part of the celebration for Canada Day which mark’s Canada 150th anniversary. We’ll update this post with more info and media when available.


Jazz fest: Carly Rae Jepsen, Men Without Hats headline Discothèque bash

Some interesting details have been revealed about Carly’s participation at Discoteque taking place today:

“It’s a DJ show, but with the music played by musicians,” said singer-songwriter/rocker Yann Perreau, who is in charge of stage direction for Discothèque.


“All of the songs, except the first and the last, are going to flow into each other just the way the songs would if it was a DJ spinning the tunes,” said Perreau. “Basically, the idea is to create une grosse boîte de nuit en plein centre-ville.”
“We can’t wait,” said Doroschuk. “We’re pretty close with Carly Rae Jepsen and her crew.”


…..“I don’t know what to expect, but I love it when an offer like that comes my way,” said Jepsen. “I also love Montreal. It’s one of my favourite places in all of Canada. I already have my poutine places that I want to go to, and some of my favourite shopping is done there. So it’s going to be a nice little holiday/work-cation.”

Discotheque is an outdoor festival helps celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with a 90-minute concert that includes artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, Men Without Hats, Radio Radio, Muzion, Buffalo Hat Singers, along with 24 musicians, 5 singers, 35 dancers, wild projections, surprises and a fireworks display staged by Yann Perreau and under the musical and artistic direction of DJ Champion and Alex McMahon.