MTV’s Siesta Key Trailer Features “Cut to the Feeling”


The ultimate summer series — which is premiering on July 31 — will chronicle a group of young adults as they document their escapades during the warmest months of the year in their gorgeous hometown. While the trailer — set to the perfectly fitting and incredibly catchy tune “Cut to the Feeling” by Carly Rae Jepsen — is a fantastic table-setter, we’re breaking down the visually stunning montage even further to give you a taste of what to expect.

J-14: Carly Rae Jepsen Chopped Off Her Hair Totally on Accident

Previously, Elite Daily touched upon the subject of Carly’s hair. now has a new exclusive interview with Carly where she revealed more details about it:

Carly exclusively explains, “As wavy blonde as I could go was the vision for me.” But things took a slightly different turn. In one day, Carly dyed her hair from deep black to electric blonde. When the dye was complete, she then ran her hands through her hair. To her surprise, part of her hair literally fell out!


Whereas many of us might have legit screamed, Carly took it all in stride. She recalls, “Everybody was laughing hysterically, and I was like well I guess I’m gonna have like a boy haircut — cropped and short. Very very not what I expected, totally different. It was a surprise to me, as well as anybody else!”


Ultimately, Carly ended up being really into her new ‘do, but that didn’t happen overnight. She tells J-14, “I wouldn’t say that I loved it right away, but I wasn’t upset. I was just kind of laughing and saying, ‘C’est la vie! OK, it’s gonna be short!'”


The whole fiasco actually happened at a perfect time. Carly was set to leave on a trip through Italy for three weeks by herself and was super psyched about the idea of going incognito! She explains, “The idea of being a little bit more invisible than usual was really lovely for me. So I felt a little bit less recognizable, and that felt really exciting too.”

Elite Daily: Carly Rae Jepsen Shares Behind The Scenes Look At Her Upcoming Album

Elite Daily has a fun interview with Carly. They talked about wide range of subjects including making that song choice for #CRJ4,  working with Patrik Berger, spontaneously kissing a boy, how she got her hairstyle,  and finally, John Mayer.  Check it out!

Let me tell you, Jepsen is awesome. She’s every bit as nice and bubbly as I imagined she would be and I can’t wait to hear more of her new music. When I asked what sort of sound we can expect from her new album she told me:


It’s a good question because I have so many different songs, I don’t know how to talk totally about the album yet. I haven’t sort of picked what songs are making the album, I definitely have my favorites.


I wanted to know the most spontaneous thing she’s ever done, and her story literally gave me life. 


I one time — throwing it way back — I one time kissed a stranger without actually really talking to him first. I was at a bar. It was St. Patty’s Day. Everything was green, I was with my girlfriends, and I was doing that thing where you kind of play eyes at someone across the room … [My friend] wanted to go and I was like, I feel like I didn’t even get a chance to talk to him. So I went over really quickly and was just like, ‘Hey, I know this must seem weird, but I have to go now so I’m just going to kiss you and leave.’ So I did.

Actually it was a little bit of a romantic story at the end of the day … I was playing a show [in Vancouver] and I put up all these posters around my neighborhood and he saw the posters and recognized me and came to the show. So we ended up having a little date.


….Fascinated by her spontaneity, I asked about her exciting new look and the drastic hair change. She said,


The reason I have short hair is actually kind of funny. I was getting my hair dyed in time for the Target commercial and we dyed it from black to blonde in one day. I went to run my hands through my hair and just … some of it came out. So, let’s go for a pixie cut!

ELLE: Carly Rae Jepsen Shares Her Summer Playlist has an interesting article up which features a recent interview with Carly. Here’s an excerpt:

Are you in the studio these days?

I am yeah! I kind of live there actually, but in different places. I did a lot of writing for this upcoming album in Stockholm, because I’ve met a lot of writers there that I love and collaborate well with. And then again, in L.A. there’s a great community of people. So it’s kind of fun to be experimenting—I’m about 50 songs deep and figuring out what I wanna do. And part of the reason why I think [the M&M’s Spotlight] show is pretty special is we haven’t been doing a ton of gigs. This is such an intimate setting here at Chop Shop.

You’ve already written 50 songs? Didn’t you write something like 250 songs for your album ‘Emotion’?

Yeah…I went a little insane with it. [laughs] I think songwriting is probably a lot more simple than you think. I think that anyone really can write songs, it just takes having an idea and a feeling and chasing it, and you can learn more about it. I think that’s why I go to so many sessions. It is a craft that you can learn from other people. I find it to be the most fascinating thing. So I write a lot, yeah!

You can listen to Carly’s playlist that she made for ELLE below:

Media: Carly Rae Jepsen at North Avenue Beach and The Chop Shop in Chicago

It was an amazing day for the 500 lucky fans who managed to RVSP and snatch up VIP tickets to watch Carly perform a full set at for M&M’s Spotlight at The Chop Shop.  They were the very first to hear her perform “Cut to the Feeling” live! Below are some of the best photos and videos I’ve been able to find on Instagram!
NOTE: All rights belong to their respective Instagram account owners . Their usernames are credited in the filenames.

Carly taking photos with fans who came to North Ave Beach to score free VIP tickets:


Performing at The Chop Shop:


Some short video clips throughout the day:

And finally not ONE, but TWO full videos of Carly performing “Cut to the Feeling” for which I am VERY grateful for!