Leap! Delayed to September 4th

Some unfortunate news today: Leap! (Ballerina) has been delayed (yet again) to September 4th.

From Variety.com:

The release date for Elle Fanning’s animated film is moving from April 21 to Sept. 4, The Weinstein Company announced on Tuesday….


…“Leap!” is the latest TWC film produced in partnership with Nicolas Duval Adassovsky, Yann Zenou of Quad Productions, and Laurent Zeitoun of Main Journey, following their work together on the French film “The Intouchables.” Adassovsky, Zenou, and Zeitoun also produced the original French version of “Leap,” titled “Ballerina.”

Andre Rouleau and Valerie D’Auteuil also produce “Leap!”


“I can’t tell you about how much I love ‘Leap!’ and that’s why I’m moving it,” TWC Co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein said in a press release. “We have made the decision to move back to Labor Day and build the awareness and excitement within our audience. As always, I want to do what is best for the film, which I think is the best animated film I’ve ever made, and test audiences have agreed.”


The film premieres on Saturday at the Bentonville Film Festival.

The Bleacher’s Secret Concert included special guests Carly Rae Jepsen & Lorde

The Bleacher’s held their private concert tonight at the Stoned Pony in New Jersey. About 75 tickets were made available for “super fans” and the rest were invite only. Carly and Lorde were among the special guests that performed with them.

What we could gather is that the event was taped for an upcoming MTV Unplugged special. Audience members were prohibited from bringing in their phones, so photos and video of the event are understandably scarce. Here are the few photos we’ve been able to find:

Based on the setlist above, we can see that Carly performed “Shadow”, along a new song called “Hate That You Know Me”.  The scribbled notes for the latter song indicated she was also joined by Jack and Lorde.

The only video inside the venue that we could get was from Ava Raiin‘s Instagram Story, which apparently contained a tease of the soundcheck:

Is Carly Hinting at a Neon Aesthetic for Her Next Album ?

Ever since Carly went blonde back in January, there has been a certain style change in her Instagram photo postings. Several of them are featuring brightly lit neon signs. Some fans have noted that she may be hinting at a certain look for her next album. Below are the photos in question, all of which happen to be in the LA area where she resides:

Neon signs, once a staple in metropolitan Americana, have largely died off today but were still popular in the 70’s during the Disco-era and into the 80’s. Perhaps Carly is drawing inspiration from contemporary artist Doug Aitken (99 cent Dreams)  and the resurgence of neon as an art form. Or could it be that she’s channeling her inner “Electric Youth”, ala Debbie Gibson?

Or this could be much ado about nothing and that these photos only show that that David, her photographer boyfriend, has an affinity for framing neon signs as backdrops. Besides, Carly definitely wouldn’t be the first short-haired blond pop star to use neon signs to convey retro imagery…

Whatever the case may be, her fans are  excited to see what other looks come next.

Instagram update: More Work and Play

Thanks to Justin Raisen’s Instagram account, we get to a little sneak peak behind the scenes. Here’s hoping that the updates keep coming:

On the way to work in the Masonic temple @mndr_official @carlyraejepsen

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What a square dance it 'twas @carlyraejepsen @mndr_official @patrikbergerking #jessica

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It’s Happening: Carly and Charli XCX in the same recording booth!

Yesterday, we were teased on with photos of Carly hanging out in LA with 2 big names in the music industry, producer Patrik Berger and producer/writer Justin Raisen.

Jammon with @carlyraejepsen @mndr_official @patrikbergerking

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Berger is known for working with the likes of Robyn, Charli XCX, Santigold, and Icona Pop while Raisen is also known for working with Charli XCX, Santigold, as well as other names like Kylie Minogue and Sky Ferriera . Having such names attached to Carly’s album would already be enough to send many fans into a tizzy.

But then Raisen decided to post this bombshell of photo:

Carly, Charli, and Justin hamming it up for the camera.

Yes, that is Charli XCX in the same recording booth as Carly and said producer/writer, Justin Raisen! (Patrick Berger was also present). We can only guess what magic ensued in this room.

Earlier in the year, we were teased with a possible collaboration between Carly, Charli XCX, and Lorde. Well today, we just may be 66% of the way there! Last week, Carly showed her admiration for Charli XCX’s latest mixtape album by posting about it on her Instagram. Well it turns out that this may have been a hint to fans that they were working together. In December, Charli dropped a hint as well when she lipsynced to “Run Away With Me” in her Snapchat.

Fans of both artist should be very excited and all the Jepsies that desperately needed CRJ4 news now have something to chew on!