Carly Performs at The New Yorker Festival + Excerpts from the Interview

Carly also performed Run Away With Me and I Really Like You. Here’s some snippets from Instagram:


The performances were proceeded by a live audience interview with Amanda Petrusich. The following are some excerpts as reported by New Yorker Live‏ on Twitter:

“I’ve had a fascination my whole life with love.” — tells @amandapetrusich


Each time @amandapetrusich names one of ‘s songs, the room erupts with applause.


“I like the magic of driving towards the studio and not knowing what is going to happen that day.”@carlyraejepsen on her process


Does ever get writer’s block? “No, but that doesn’t mean I never write bad songs.” 


“I’m probably about eighty songs deep for this next album.”


“I think you write so smartly about sex.” —@amandapetrusich tells 


Does like L.A.? “I made a pact with a friend to start saying we love L.A. then maybe we’ll start to believe it.”


“I want to believe New York is love at first sight and L.A. is sort of a slow burn.”


How does explain her appeal to gay men? “I do not know how to explain it but I will say it’s the gift of my life.” 


What does think of @tomhanks? “He’s amazing. He’s exactly like you want him to be. He’s the father we all want.”

Some additional reporting by @MarcusJonesNY:

“I never run out of ideas and I never stop enjoying it”- on how she never gets writers block


. first reached out to Dev Hynes because of how much she liked the sound of “Losing You” by


 described part of her new album as “understated disco” and there were at least 2 people yelling “yaaasssss”


also said she’s into making “music to clean you house to”


When asked about her huge appeal to gay men,  called it the gift of her life


 said she’s working on a orchestra in Vancouver and might have fans vote on what songs they want arranged


Also,  revealed the first person she asked to be in the “I Really Like You” video was Bill Murray

“You’ve done more for music than The Beatles” -a fan at the Q+A portion of