Listen: First Official Dance Remixes for “Cut To The Feeling”

Thanks to DJ Grind (Stephen Massey) for submitting these files to for fans to enjoy!

Interscope / Universal Music has just serviced the first official dance remix for “Cut To The Feeling!”

Produced by Billboard #1 remixers Toy Armada & DJ GRIND, this remix brings Carly’s feel-good summertime track to dance floors everywhere!

If or when the songs are available commercially, these music files will be taken down and replaced with official streaming and download links. No copyright infringement intended.

USA Today: “Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut to the Feeling’ fuels exclusive new ‘Leap!’ trailer”

USA Today gives us an exclusive at the first US trailer for Leap! featuring “Cut to the Feeling”

When you’ve got peanut butter and jelly, you put those together, right? So it’s equally a no-brainer for Carly Rae Jepsen to combine fun scenes from her upcoming animated movie with her song-of-summer contender.


Check out’s exclusive premiere of a new trailer for Leap! (in theaters Aug. 30), about an orphaned French girl with a dream of dancing, featuring the catchy strains of Jepsen’s power-pop anthem Cut to the Feeling. We have a feeling you’ll dig it. (Not even sorry.)

Media: Carly and Yoko Fuchigami Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Flag Shop

Carly was at a promotional event today for Flag Shop in Japan. She was accompanied by “famed fashion designer”, Yoko Fuchigami. In actuality, Fuchigami is a character played in drag by comedian, Robert Akiyama (think of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Bruno). How these two got to be involved with this shop, I have no idea, but nevertherless, here are some photos!


Carly and Fuchigami also posed for some photos which are set to appear in Flag Shop Magazine’s 2017 Fall & Winter Catalog. Apparently, this catalog is available for FREE. For more info, check out Flag Shop’s website and have your translator ready!

Photos: Carly arrives in Japan

Carly flew from Toronto to Japan yesterday and arrived at Haneda Airport International where she was greeted by some fans. This was on the same day that Johnny Depp arrived at the airport but there is no evidence to suggest that they met or arrived at the same time.

One of our favorite Jepsies, Eika, was among those to greet her.  Carly is apparently there to make a promotional appearance for a store called Flag Shop for their 10th anniversary. She also mentioned that a TV show appearance, although there is no word on any planned performances.

Photos: Carly at the SOCAN Awards

Carly attended the SOCAN Awards last night. Since coming back from her Italy trip, Carly has been quite the busy bee lately. This is her third event, 3 days in a row in the city of Toronto.

The SOCAN Awards is an annual event, held in both Toronto and Montreal, that celebrates songwriting, composing and music publishing achievements by our English and French members alike. Carly Rae Jepsen at the Symphony Is the Pinnacle of Classical Music

A nice write-up from

As a music fan, you sometimes wonder if the album or artist that you champion as good is actually that good. It often feels that way with Carly Rae Jepsen; that a small circle of peers or close friends, like you, love the way she sings over bubbling synths and triumphant sax but no one else really does. Jepsen’s jubilant sophomore E-MO-TION was released two years ago to critical acclaim but little fanfare on the charts, which is likely one the biggest mistakes millennials will ever make. You wonder if she is, or maybe that record is, solely reserved for critics to revere. And yet, on Saturday night at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, you’re proven wrong by the thousands of genuine fans who showed the hell up for Carly Rae Jepsen at the symphony…


….The idea came from last year’s Polaris Prize Gala performance when she did an extremely pared down version of her song “Your Type.” On the phone from Venice a couple of weeks before the performance, Jepsen told Noisey that at the Polaris Gala, Mayo did a “sort of did a string quartet version of “Your Type.” She added: “We just felt like it changed the song in a way, like we have this new melancholy and sadness to it that the pop version.” Jepsen’s music, like all the best pop, doesn’t convey emotions straightforwardly. Instead preferring to treat them as multifaceted entities, which is also what classical music sometimes does, making this pairing symbiotic.


-Sarah MacDonald and Phil Witmer

Watch: Carly Rae Jepsen at the iHeartRadio MMVAs

Carly showed up at the MMVAs serving up a new look. It’s quite a change from the night before.

On the red carpet:

Presenting the award for Best International Artist: