The Rumors of “Spread Love” Name for #CRJ4 are Likely False

There’s a rumor spreading (no pun intended) around the internet and on Twitter that “Spread Love” is the name of the next Carly Rae Jepsen album. Numerous blogs and major sites have since repeated this rumor. The only piece of evidence for it is that “Cut to the Feeling” shows up on Shazam under an album called “Spread Love”. However, if you try to detect the song using a similar app called SoundHound, you will see that the results are little different. See screenshot below:

As you can see, Shazama recognizes the song as “Cut to the Feeling” under the album “Spread Love”, while SoundHound recognizes it as “Spread Love” by GoldRoom. The song “Spread Love” was recently released this April. Fans should know that “Cut to the Feeling” was a song that was originally intended for Carly’s album EMOTION and Emotion Side-B, so the likelyhood that Carly would want to use it for her next album is slim.

In addition, one of our fellow Jepsies from Japan, @jepsiesJPN on Twitter, reported that when she uploaded her lyric video that Youtube’s digital copyright management system also reported the song as “Spread Love” by GoldRoom:

Although I have yet to investigate into how Youtube, SoundHound, and Shazam works for song recognizition, I theorize that these services may share the same waveform/music database that contains an error that caused a false result across the board. IF my theory is true, there is a chance that some Youtube monetization for Carly’s song may have been directed to GoldRoom which is a major problem that could even affect online streaming numbers and chart position of “Cut to the Feeling”.

Also of note is that GoldRoom’s current album cover has a very similar color pallete to the cover for”Cut to the Feeling”:

It’s unclear whether this similarity between covers contributed to false identifcation of the song.

While the evidence presented here may not be totally conclusive in debunking this rumor of “Spread Love” being Carly’s album title, it at least shows that it is much more likely to be false than true.

Next Episode of China’s “Born U5” to feature Carly Rae Jepsen

The show is set to air on June 3rd @ 9pm, Beijing time. Carly sings acoustic numbers of “Call Me Maybe” and “I Really Like You” on the show. Thank you to Chinese_Jepsie on Instagram for translating. We’ll be posting the episode here once it’s available. In the meantime, check out the preview below:

It was originally expected that the episode would air on May 27th. This was proven to be false.

Web Reactions to Cut to the Feeling

So how is your Memorial Day weekend so far? Well, if you’re a Carly fan, probably pretty damn great.  I’m still getting over the high  (not that i’d want to) but almost as satisfying is getting to read all the online buzz surrounding the song. Despite being a surprise release and the recipient of virtually no promo or Beiber/Tom Hanks, it has enjoyed a peak position of #22 on the iTunes US charts (so far as of this writing). Most sites seem to agree that the song is a strong contender for “Song of the Summer”.

Popjustice liked it enough to make it their song of the week:

……This beautiful, magnificent song. This song that could and will prompt a thousand summer dancefloor stampedes. This song whose chorus could raise the Titanic from the sea bed. This song bursting with a natural luminescence so intense that it would shine bright in a Vantablack pop dungeon. THIS SONG was cast aside on multiple occasions. We don’t know what Carly Rae So-Called ‘Jepsen’ thinks she’s playing at but if we ever find out there are other songs like this in the ‘E•MO•TION’ scrapheap we will go absolutely ballistic.

Like-wise Pitchfork followed suit, proclaiming it “best new track“:

Pop music is one of the truest ways to access those moments where “your frame of reference is shot and you are temporarily the most suggestible person alive,” as the writer Durga Chew-Bose describes it. That’s where Jepsen gets you. Maybe that makes her a meta-popstar, crafting music that celebrates pop euphoria while striving to attain it at the same time—and mostly succeeding. Regardless, it’s a good week to hear it.

Noisey says that It’s “the song we needed today”:

In Manchester, that sense of safety was intruded upon, but to me, songs like “Cut to the Feeling” feel like a reminder of its power….. Pop music might help those who were hurt by what happened, wherever that hurt lies, to heal in some small way. And both the genre itself, and the poptimism that surrounds its euphoria, is a defiant example of how an artistic expression can speak to our hearts.

In addition, Carly’s been getting some positive reactions and shout-outs from her peers on Twitter:

Some other Web Links about “Cut to the Feeling”:


Cut to the Feeling is Now Officially Out Everywhere!

Flush away those anti-depressants kiddos, because the Queen has blessed the world with another uplifting banger! Originally meant for Carly’s Emotion Side-B EP, this promotional single for the animated film “Leap!” (“Ballerina” outside of the US) was unexpectedly released on Friday with no prior announcement or promo.  Have a listen below:

It’s already getting a lot of positive buzz on social media, with accolades from Perez Hilton and of Peter Robinson of Popjustice.  Waves of euphoric highs dance all over this track, embuing it with all the right ingredients for “song of the summer”.  Now it’s just  matter of seeing if anyone outside of Carly’s fanbase will give it a listen.

Streaming & Download links:

Carly to Perform at Discothèque in Montreal on July 1st

It was just announced that Carly will be among the performers at Discothèque on July 1st as part of the “Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2017”. From the official site:

Canadian dance music lives it up in the most incredible open-air discotheque in Montréal. Get ready for Carly Rae Jepsen, Men Without Hats, Radio Radio, Muzion, Buffalo Hat Singers, along with 24 musicians, 5 singers, 35 dancers, wild projections, surprises and a fireworks display staged by Yann Perreau and under the musical and artistic direction of DJ Champion and Alex McMahon.

Other artists performing will include Men Without Hats, Champion, Radio Radio, Yann Perreau, Buffalo Hat Singer, and Alex McMahon.

Danny L. Harle replaces Carly’s Vocals on “Happy All The Time”. RIP

File this under #NotHappyAllTheTime..  It has been reported by a fan from Australia (who is among the first to hear it) that Danny replaced Carly’s vocals for “Happy All The Time” with PC Music alumni, Hannah Diamond*. It was assumed by me and many others that Carly would remain featured on the song, as it was the version that Danny often played during his DJ sets leading up to his EP release.

*Correction: the singer’s voice for the new version is uncredited on Spotify, so we cannot confirm at this time who the actual singer is. The report of “Hannah Diamond” is based off of one fan’s assertion who was one of the first to hear it. More likely, it was sung by Pawws Lucy  who was credited as having worked on the EP or past collaborator, Raffy.

The snippet of Carly’s version, which came from “Danny L Harle’s Diplo & Friends Radio 1 Mix“, can be heard here:

The move to replace vocals on tracks is not unprecedented for Danny. Just last week, he released the lead single for his EP,  “1LU”, which originally featured Phoebe Ryan (who also co-wrote the song). Her vocals were subsequently replaced by relatively unknown singer, Eyelar. The original track can be heard below:

RIP to all the Danny L. Harle tracks that could have been….

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