Vulture: Carly Rae Jepsen on Her Relationship With Fame and That New Album

Vulture comes at us with an exclusive interview where they touch on important matters such as the music business, Leap!, and My Little Pony.

You do elicit a very high empathic response to your songwriting — fans feel like they know you and you’re writing to their personal experiences. Do you feel like your fans are actually getting the “real” you?


I feel like every year, I’m painfully stripping closer and closer. Also, I’ve made some changes in the way I look at the business and my place in it. I don’t care that much about maybe some of the things that I should care about, but the ultimate thing for me is caring about leaving something good after I die. So I’m not really worried about how well it sells or how well it does. The game is fun, yes. I understand the game. But I’m never going to sacrifice what I think is the quality of something to win. I think the only way to really win at the game — and by the game, I mean the business — is to win it authentically, almost by accident, because it just was a true version of yourself. I’m not going to be satisfied if something works and felt like it wasn’t me, you know?


What was behind the decision to voice-act in a project like Leap! versus acting live? Did it have anything to do with your desire to stay — at least relatively, compared to other pop stars — out of the public eye?


Going into it, I was just like, “Oh, I haven’t really tried anything like this before!” And ever since watching My Little Pony and realizing that wasn’t actually a pony, I was like, “I want to have the job that does that.” But when the opportunity came, I don’t think I was thinking about it in terms of a chess match: “If I do this, it will look good over here, later on.” I just wanted to do it because it seems fun, and that’s generally how I make most of my decisions. But it’s strange, because I think you did tap into something there.


– Jordan Crucchiola

Variety: Lorde, Carly Rae Jepsen to Guest on Bleachers’ ‘MTV Unplugged’

Variety revealed in an article that the Bleacher’s MTV Unplugged episode, which features guest performances by Carly Rae Jepsen and Lorde, will premiere on September 15th.

avaraiin via Instagram

The long-running franchise “MTV Unplugged” returns on Sept. 8 with a performance by Shawn Mendes. It will be followed a week later with Bleachers in the headlining slot. Joining the Jack Antonoff-fronted band will be special appearances by Lorde and Carly Rae Jepsen.


The “MTV Unplugged” reboot tapes at venues the artists feel a connection to. In Bleachers’ case, New Jersey’s Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Bleachers’ latest album, “Gone Now,” was released on June 2 on RCA Records.


“’Unplugged’ was the first time I played the songs from ‘Gone Now’ live,” said Antonoff.  “I had just finished making the album and I immediately went into rehearsal, deconstructing the songs I had just produced to play live at ‘Unplugged.’  It was all months before the world heard it and we got to change the arrangements at my favorite venue in the world with a small room full of people who had no cell phones. I grew up playing shows at the Stone Pony and watching ‘Unplugged’ on TV.  It was incredible to bring these two together.”


– Shirley Halperin

We previously broke news about the secretive concert event back in March.

W: Carly Rae Jepsen on Her Post-Emotion Rebirth, Being “Underrated,” Leap! and the Musical She’s Dying to Write

W Magazine had an interview with Carly. Here’s an excerpt:

There’s another song of yours that’s associated with the film, “Runaways.” Was that also part of theEmotionsessions or was that something you wrote separately?


It was a song that was part of the Emotion sessions. It was a song I wrote for my best friend, who’s been my best friend since we were 7. She actually just lived up the street and we had like trains going by. It was a very almost journal-entry type song, and maybe even for that reason very sentimental for me—just to get to see that it has some life, too, through this film.


Do you ever have regrets about not putting “Cut To The Feeling” or any of the stuff that wasn’t on Emotion: Side B?


Thank god, so far no. I’ve been really happy with the order of how it went. Seeing this in hindsight happening the way it did feels like the right home for it, like the perfect fit. At the time when I didn’t get to share “Cut To The Feeling,” there was some sadness that you don’t get to share all the work you do. Maybe one day—this is what I tell myself to make myself sleep better at night—I will be be able to share all the tunes. I’ll just, like, put it out there somewhere. But I think there is a real joy and love that I have for an album, an album being a piece you can listen to from beginning to end, and all the songs being your favorites, the cream-of-the-crop of stuff that you’ve worked on. And even though I’m attached to [some] emotionally or sentimentally, I can kind of see that you don’t need six songs that all have this flavor and this sentiment. You want one of those. It’s a hard process for me, one that involves lots of listening parties with friends and lots of hemming and hawing, but at the end of it I do really enjoy holding the album in my hand and feeling like, Okay, we’ll see what other people think now, but I really feel like I’ve done the best work I can.

-Esther Zuckerman

Photos: Carly Rae Jepsen attending the Leap! Premiere at The Grove – 08.19.17

Also in attendence was her Leap! co-star Maddie Ziegler:

Photos sourced from GettyImages

Watch: Carly at the Leap! Premiere – The Grove, LA

Carly at the Leap! movie premiere this morning at the The Grove in Los Angeles. More videos will be added to this post when available:

ET: Cut to the Feeling Music Video is Coming Out Next Week!

ET.COM revealed in an exclusive interview with Carly that the music video is coming out next week. Carly also revealed some details about the video and her upcoming album:

The 31-year-old singer invited ET to the Los Angeles set of her new music video, “Cut to the Feeling,” where she gave us the exclusive first look ahead of its release next week.


“[It’s] a very casual, fun, silly rehearsal day,” Jepsen gushed as ET’s Sophie Schillaci arrived to set. “You’re getting to actually [see] my fake band as well. My real band boys couldn’t make it down, so it’s all my friends.”


Although she has yet to debut the music video, Jepsen says she’s already received so much love from fans on social media since the track dropped in May. Many of them have created their own versions of what the music video should look like.


“I love that creativity can spread like that,” she says. “There was a gentleman on the plane who did this lip sync version and he had this great, big beard. He did it so theatrically and I just loved it.”


In addition to Leap!, Jepsen has also been busy working on an “experimental” new album. She tells ET she’s already written over 60 new songs!


“I don’t mean experimental as in, like, experimental jazz,” she jokes. “No, it’s just where I’m open to not defining what I’m making. I tease that I call it songs to clean your house to.”  -Desiree Murphy

Alex Jillian Shares Her #tbt Photo + HQ Screen Caps of the “Part of Your World’ Music Video

Alex’s post gives me a good excuse to share with you these HQ screen caps I’ve made from the music video: